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Tokyo Barber shop is a relatively high priced barbershop in Phnom Penh. Behind a small storefront on a side street there is a shop staffed by a number of chat men and women. Everything from haircuts to shampooing, manicures, pedicures and full body oil massages are available inside.

A casual reader may wonder why a barbershop would be mentioned on a website that purports to cover the commercial sex industry. There are a few reasons. One is that blowjob bars and even brothels often take the appearance of barbershops in Asian countries where sex work is prohibited or otherwise repressed. Another is that certain barbershops in some Asian countries staff attractive women in sexy garb meant to bring in male clientele. And in this specific case at least one source online claims that Tokyo Barber offers happy endings. So I saw it fit to investigate.

Tokyo Barbershop and Spa

Tokyo Barbershop is located on Street 278 in the relatively upscale area of Boeung Keng Kang. It’s not far from the previously reviewed Filling Station. As mentioned above the front of the shop is a bit small and not indicative of all that goes on inside. There is a main floor filled with barber chairs at the entrance. Behind that there is an area filled with hair washing chairs. Off to the side there is another set of private rooms where the massages take place.

tokyo barber shop phnom penhtokyo barber shop phnom penh

There is also a VIP section as is common with most local barbershops of this type. For a larger payment customers can have their hair and nails seen to while they lounge in privacy. Nothing more than standard services go on in these VIP rooms though. At least not at Tokyo Barber.

Haircuts are done by younger local guys in uniform. There are also many local women on staff. They wear a tight skirt and shirt combo that is somewhat similar to the kits over at the Khmer Angkor Barbershop. Most of the women are quite attractive and friendly. They’re also good at their jobs. There are also one or two women who are on the larger side. Especially by local standards. Those seem to be the only gals who do body massages.

Oil massage

The main focus here is the massage parlor. As stated one source that claims expertise across Asia has reported that this place does happy endings. I have no idea what this is based on. I also imagine that the owners of the shop and the ladies who do the oil massages would be surprised or even shocked to learn of this claim.

Without expending undue effort I can say that this place is a totally mainstream barbershop. They do offer neck, head and even full body massages. The latter are done with oil on a mostly exposed body as is normal. But there isn’t even the slightest hint of any kind of erotic service being done here. It really is that straight forward.

In summary, it’s not sensual

If anything this should serve as a good demonstration or even warning that you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet. Of course many similar examples abound. But in this case the reporting is just so far from the truth that I am left scratching my head. I can only guess that some people are now just writing random nonsense about places they have never even been. I don’t know what else could lead to this.

As I have repeated many times I write only for the entertainment of the readers. And I don’t and can’t take any responsibility for anyone other than myself. I still do my best to be accurate in my reporting if only because I know no other way.


Tokyo Barber is just a barbershop. Nothing more or less. They offer regular massages in private rooms that go no further than normal body rubs. There’s nothing adult oriented about the place. At most they have some pretty ladies on staff. I guess that’s better than nothing. But there’s simply nothing else to report.